Award Site Listing

Athenwolfe's list: In case you would like to nominate any of my stories.


Links to My Favourite Stories

Shara Nesu's Angel's Slavery (AR Spike/Angel)
Addie Logan's Been Here Too Few Years (AU Spike/Buffy)
Gabrielle's Sleepless (Spike/Willow)
Spikedluv's Goodbye Kiss (Spike/Willow)
NautiBitz's In Heat (Spike/Buffy)
Anastasia's The Charms of Dancing (Spike/Willow)
PaganBaby's Room Service (AU Spike/Buffy)
Sadbhyl's Impossibly Delightful Flesh (Spike/Buffy)
Shanna's Belly Up to the Bar (Spike/Willow/Angel)
Vamptastica's The Game (AU Spike/Buffy)


Links to My Favourite Archive Sites

Near Her Always: The Willow zone of the BtVS Writer's Guild
Just Rewards: athenwolfe's all pairings archive of award winning stories
Soulmates Until the End of Time: A shipper site for Spike, Willow and Angel in any combination
Sweet Temptation: If you like your Spuffy AU (like I do) this is the place for you
Elysian Fields: all Spuffy, all the time


Links to My Favourite Authors

Gabrielle: the very best angst writer out there
Shara Nesu: my favourite Spike/Angel writer
NautiBitz: if you like your Spuffy sex with a side of fun, Nauti is for you
Spikedluv: one of my very favourite Spike/Willow authors
Addie Logan: one of the best storytellers on the internet
Anastasia: The Charms of Dancing is a classic
vamptasticA: The Working Man series … OMG!