Where Do We Go From Here


pairing: Spike/Willow
rating: Teen
time frame: sometime during s5
summary: Willow needs Spike to help her sneak into the Magic Box


Part 1


Willow knocked as best she could on the door to Spike's crypt, but rapping effectively on a crypt door is a difficult thing. Mainly, she hurt her knuckles - without making much of a sound. So instead she pushed the door open just a bit and called his name. When there was no answer, she opened the door a little more and looked inside.

It didn't look as if he was home. Not knowing what to do, she decided to sit and wait a few minutes. If he didn't return, then maybe it was a sign that this was a bad idea.

Well, she knew it was a bad idea, but it wasn't as if she had any choice. She really needed some supplies from the Magic Box for her Yule celebration and she was short of funds. Almost broke actually. And with Anya and her whole "You can't just take stuff, you have to pay me for it" attitude, there was no other way to get the things she needed.

As many times as she reminded Anya that Giles owned half the shop and Giles never minded when she took things that were necessary for her spells and rituals, Anya didn't care. And so this was the best alternative she could think of. Spike wouldn't care if she wanted to steal, or rather take, some supplies for her Yule ritual. And she really needed to do her Yule celebration this year.

It seemed as if everything was falling apart. Riley had left Buffy, Tara had asked for "a break" in her relationship with Willow - which Willow took to mean that they were breaking up, since Tara moved all of her things out of the dorm room they shared.

A ritual of renewal was something she felt was very important this year and so she needed those supplies desperately. And Spike was her best hope of getting into the shop undetected.

Settling herself on Spike's only chair, she wiggled around until she was comfortable, determined to wait only ten minutes or so for Spike to return. If he didn't return in that time, she would see it as a sign from the goddess that she should find another way.

The goddess must have been in favour of the idea because Willow promptly fell asleep.

Which is how Spike found her when he returned home with his grocery bag filled with blood, smokes, whiskey and Weetabix, deeply asleep on his one chair. He considered trying to wake her, but even in her slumber, he could see bluish circles under her red rimmed eyes. He'd heard of Glinda's abandonment and figured that maybe sleep was what the poor girl needed.

He was becoming a bleedin' ponce, just like his sire. His demon kept trying to convince him to wake her up with a good scare, but the man inside refused. Let the girl sleep.

He found a book to read and got comfortable on the bier he used to sleep on before he'd found the bed and mattress that he now had tucked away in a spot downstairs. Best to be there when she woke up and find out what she wanted straight away so he could get back to… well, nothing, but he didn't have to tell her that.

He didn't expect her to sleep all through the night, but she did and by the time she woke up, he was getting ready to go to bed.

It took a little while for Willow to babble out exactly what she wanted, part of the problem being that Spike couldn't believe the innocent little witch actually wanted help breaking into the Magic Box. But once that was made clear, he was all for the idea, figuring he'd nick a few things he needed himself while they were there. They made plans to meet at Expresso Pump at ten that night, two hours after the Magic Box closed. There was a sewer entrance not far from the coffee shop and they could make their way in through the basement.

After reminding Willow to dress in clothes she wouldn't mind getting dirty - the sewer was no place for decent clothing - he sent her on her way and went down to bed, contemplating this new side to Red's personality. Breaking and entering, no scruples about stealing. He was beginning to like the chit - just a little.

Part 2

The trip through the sewers was smelly but uneventful. The shop was quiet and Willow went right to work grabbing the ingredients she needed, taking the time to measure them carefully and take only what was required for the ritual.

She saw Spike pocket one of the new candles Anya had just gotten in and she wanted to say something to him about not stealing but since she was doing the same thing - and he had been nice enough to help her with this mission, she figured it best to just keep quiet.

She was down to her last ingredient, a pinch of chamomile, when Spike grabbed her by the arm and quickly pulled her up the stairs leading to the loft. His hand over her mouth he mouthed, 'Anya' just as the bell on the front door jingled and Anya and Xander walked in the door.

"An, I don't get why this candle is so doggone important," Xander was whining.

"Because I have to test it. The wizard I bought them from said that he'd personally guarantee that the spell he'd put on them would work on humans, but I don't want people bringing them back if they don't, because then I'd have to return their money and that money should stay with me, so I want to make sure they work."

Xander, clearly preoccupied with Anya's rear end as she walked across the store, merely nodded.

"As long as the candle is lit, you're only supposed to be able to think happy thoughts," Anya was continuing. "I'm going to try to think of something unhappy and see if they work. But since I used to be a demon, I don't know if it will work for me. Some spells work differently on demons, zombies, witches and ghouls than they do on humans, so I want us both to test it."

As they chatted away downstairs, Spike and Willow lay still as stone on the loft above. Willow, who'd had too many unhappy things happen in her life lately, glanced over the edge to see which candles Anya was talking about. A few minutes of only happy thoughts sounded like a good idea to her. It would be nice to escape the turmoil in her head, if only for a short while as the candle burned.

The candles in question were in a small box under the counter and looked slightly smaller than a votive candle. No long time happies then, just a small escape - that wouldn't be bad, right? Maybe she'd borrow a couple of those candles before they left.

Anya and Xander, their mission accomplished, left, locking the door behind them. Spike and Willow rushed back down, determined to get out of there as quickly as possible.

"You get yer ingredients, Luv, I'll grab us a couple of those candles." A couple turned into a dozen, that he stuffed in both of the pockets of his duster.

Great minds think alike, apparently.

In less than forty-five seconds, they were headed back down to the basement to take their leave through the sewers.

Part 3

They walked back to Spike's crypt and found the Slayer waiting there. She had stopped by to get the 411 on a demon she'd killed. Of course, now what she wanted was a reason why Spike had Willow going through the sewers like a rat.

Willow started to explain but there was no way Buffy was going to like it, no matter what Willow said. Spike knew this and knew how to get the Slayer off their backs. He hoped.

"Just give me a mo', will ya?" he asked, interrupting Willow's babbling. "Its dark in here, let me light a few candles." Willow smiled when she saw Spike pull two candles out of his pocket. It wasn't really cheating, Willow would still tell her the truth, but this way, Buffy'd be a lot happier about it.

The effect was almost immediate. Buffy's smile grew wide and she suddenly decided she didn't really need to know. Willow was a big girl, she could take care of herself, even around Spike.

Willow's reaction was somewhat different. As soon as the candle was lit, her palms started to sweat. Her skin got kind of itchy and visions of Spike rolling around naked on that bed she'd seen downstairs filled her head.

She thought, with a giggle, that she hadn't known that 'happy thoughts' would lead to this desperate need to have Spike give her a happy. When she turned Spike's way to make sure he wasn't picking up on what she was thinking, she found he was leering at her with a definite predatory look in his eyes.

Buffy decided just then, however, to take her leave and take Willow with her, breaking off any overtures Willow had been considering making toward Spike. Willow protested just a bit but the Slayer won out, pulling Willow behind her through the door.

Part 4

Luckily for Spike, who was following behind them at a safe distance, Buffy dropped Willow off at their dorm and set out again to patrol.

He followed Willow in and watched her enter her dorm room before he relit a candle and knocked on the door.

The effect was immediate. Willow opened the door hastily, grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him inside, slamming the door behind them. Before he could launch into his prepared speech about why shagging would be a wonderful thing for both of them, she'd pushed him down onto her bed and followed him down, taking his mouth in a very passionate kiss.

He almost dropped the candle. Willow grabbed it though and set it on the table next to the bed.

Their mating was animalistic. Ripped clothing and passionate kisses. Scratches and love bites. He managed to get her clothes off before she was finished with his so she said a word "Evanesco" and they simply disappeared off of Spike's body and reappeared on the floor beside their bed.

Spike smiled. "Neat trick love, but watch what you're pointing at 'fore ya do that again, k?"

Not seeming to care, Willow straddled his lap and sunk down on him, encasing him within her.

The reckless need to mate abated. This felt - perfect - spiritual - important… a lot of things they didn't understand and didn't care about right now. The candle was doing its job and this was a happiness that surpassed any emotion normal humans were capable of.

It was completion.

They took their time touching and kissing and getting to know each other's bodies in ways Drusilla and Tara or Oz had never taken the time to do. They found a myriad of positions they liked and tried them all over and over again to get them right.

"This is no mere happiness, Luv," he confessed when at last they lay sated and replete in each other's arms.

"I know," was all Willow could say in return. She didn't know what had happened, didn't know why this felt so different with Spike than it did with anyone else.

"Care for one more go?" Spike asked, already turning and covering her with his body.

"Wait," she said and leaned over to blow out the candle.

"I'm ready."

The End