…should have beens…


Spike, Dawn
BtVS s5, The Gift
word count: 100

He saw the cut on her chest, saw the first drop of blood begin to pool and descend. If it falls, there will be no more tomorrows. Glory'll win.

Without thought, he pushed the old man to the side and as Doc uselessly thrashed at his coat, he pulled Dawn into an eternal embrace, draining the blood that would unleash hell. She tasted like age and strength and everlasting beauty. He couldn't bear to let that end.

As her heartbeat faded, he cut into his throat with a jagged nail and moved her face to let her drink immortal life.

Spike, Illyria
AtS s5
word count: 100

He'd never made a childe before. Never felt the driving desire that seemed to rule other vampires to construct another in his own image. But he was tired of feeling useless, tired of having to live in Angelus' shadow. Not anymore. From now on he'd have the power. He'd be the one in charge. He'd be the one everyone respected and feared.

He saw her eyes open for the first time as a vampire. As far as he knew, no one had ever turned a god before.

"Time to get up, Blue. There's gonna be some changes around here, childe."

Tara Everlasting
BtVS s5, Family
word count: 100

He listened with rapt attention.

She's a demon, he can bite her. She's a demon, it won't hurt.

Blood. Real, live, almost human blood.

He pretended pain and saved her from her father, thinking 'She's a pretty thing, and quiet too. No whinin' about soddin' France.'

It was simple really. A few words, a few glances. Girl needed acceptance and Spike gave it to her. Accepted her body, accepted her moans, accepted her clawing fingernails in his back as she came.

Accepted her blood, accepted her life, accepted her mouth on his throat as she drank down her unlife everlasting.

Inevitable Really
BtVS s6, Hells Bells
word count: 105

He hadn't expected this. But then, had he really expected Dough Boy to follow through? Should've known this would happen, should have planned for it. But all was set right after hastily sending his "date" on her way.

He listened to her story with as much empathy as he could pretend to dish up and took her to bed. Wasn't the first time he'd fucked a bride on her wedding night. Or a supposed bride on her supposed wedding night either. Many a happy kill he'd made from crashing weddings. First time he'd turned one though.

Well, she had said she'd missed being a demon.

Someone Has To Pay
Spike, Riley
BtVS s5, Into The Woods
word count: 105

He never made it to the helicopter. Never made it to Belize. Never did anything after he'd left Buffy.

Just died. Made it as far as the alley before Spike grabbed him and drained him, ripped open a wrist and made him drink. The headache had been unbearable. Almost.

True, he wasn't the soldier who'd captured and experimented on many a demon. Not anymore. But he was the one who paid the price for it.

He learned to hunt, learned to kill. Learned to crave the taste of blood. Learned what it meant to starve little by little, existing on conjured dreams of sanguine beauty.

The End