Right and Wrong


pairing: Spike/Willow
Rating: MA
Time frame: After the events of s4's 'The Initiative', Spike got gone. Oh, and in my world, things in that episode happened the way they should have - Spike and Willow got groiny. (I'm such a romantic.)

Prompt: It's hard for me to say what's right, when all I wanna do is wrong.
~ Prince // Gett Off


He couldn't believe what he was seeing. For the first time in over two centuries, his eyes had to be deceiving him.

He hadn't expected quite so many changes in only seven years. He had figured the slayer would be gone, she'd outlived her usefulness a long time ago. He'd been kind of surprised that she'd only kicked it two months ago, but then, with her friends by her side, she'd been pretty much invincible.

Much of that invincibility came in the form of the beautiful young woman on the other side of this window. The one who was singing to what appeared to be her daughter.

Which is why Spike was standing here dumbfounded.

'She was supposed to be mine! Bloody fuckin' hell! It took me three long years to get that buggerin' behavioral modification chip removed and another four to hunt down every last one of the bastards who put it there. But then I'd be back. I promised 'er I'd be back. And I came back, didn't I? She was gonna save herself for me! She was gonna be mine!'

The little girl crawled out from under the covers and sat herself on her mother's lap. She was stunning. As breathtakingly beautiful as her mother, but there were curls in her long red hair. And beautiful blue eyes unlike anything he'd ever seen.

'Those eyes could steal yer heart, they could.'

He shook himself, bringing himself back to reality. He'd come here to kill her. Finally claim and turn Red like he'd been meant to all those years ago. That was what was right. What was preordained. That was their destiny.

But now she had a daughter. And no husband that he could see and he'd been watching the house all evening. The slayer was dead and the idiot had married an ex-vengeance demon, if the local rumour mill could be believed, and high-tailed it out of town. The watcher was nowhere to be seen. Joyce had lost a bout with cancer, he'd heard, although the facts there had been sketchy. There was also talk of the slayer's sister, but Spike knew for a fact that the Slayer didn't have a sister. Unless it had been a baby sister. Spike wondered who the lucky bloke that had nailed Joyce had been. Leastways, the sister was dead too, fell from a tower of some sort.

But his Red was still here, protecting the Hellmouth in her own witchy way. But the 'For Sale' sign on the front lawn made him wonder if that too would end soon. He didn't see any sign of her parents, although, if he remembered correctly, she'd often been left alone for weeks at a time back when she was in high school. He wondered if the house was still theirs or if it were hers now in name, instead of just physically.

The little girl's voice floated through the window and Spike roused himself from his thoughts; he loved the happy sound of the little girl's voice.

"Mama, tell me about my daddy again."

Willow smiled, this was one of her favourites too.

"Your daddy is a vampire," she began in the same way she always did.

Spike's mind reeled. He'd heard that Peaches had a kid somehow but this was just… 'THAT BLOODY BASTARD!' his mind screamed. 'Always has to have what's MINE!'

"And he was very vicious and made a name for himself throughout all of Europe back before you were ever born. But not everyone could see what he was really like inside. He was really a very sweet man who loved passionately and would do anything for someone he loved."

'All right boys and girls, that just takes the cake! Angelus has been handing her a line of bullshit…' He paused. 'Angelus has brown eyes, not blue. And Red's are green. How did the child of Angel and Willow get blue eyes?'

"And he became the vicious killer he was all for the love of a woman."

"You, Mama?"

Willow smiled and he heard it in her voice. "No, baby, not me. I would never ask someone to be mean. But this woman treated him very badly, she dumped him for another demon. And that's how he came to be with me. Now normally, vampires can't make babies. But while you were in Mama's tummy, I looked it up on my computer and in some of Mr. Giles' books. It turns out that vampires and witches have a long history together. And sometimes, if the conditions are just right, a vampire and a witch can make a baby."

"They have to love each, right?"

"Well, that's what the book said. But I think that mutual respect and friendship can count too. You know that Mama and Daddy didn't love each other, baby, I've told you that before. But we were… very close, that one night we were together. I told him things I'd never told anybody before and I think he did the same for me. At least, I don't think he'd ever confided those things to anyone before me. I don't know about now though."

"Like what things?" the adorable child asked.

"Pumpkin, you know I can't tell you that. You should never ever break a confidence. Unless someone will be hurt if you don't say anything." She hugged the little girl to her. "It's bedtime now, come on."

"One more question."

This was the one Willow dreaded. The question her daughter always asked. She didn't regret the answer. She regretted that Spike was standing right outside the window and would hear it.

"All right, but just one."

"Why's my name Drusilla?"

Willow touched a hand to Dru's soft curls. "Because I wanted to name you after something your daddy loved."

She tucked her in and turned out the light. She wasn't surprised to find him outside her own window when she got to her room.

"Come in, Spike."

He climbed in the window slowly, trying to decide what he would say. He'd come to kill her. He'd come to do what vampires are supposed to do when claiming a mate. He'd come to take her away and bring her into the night.

Wrong as it may be to go against that, he couldn't do that now.

So instead he pulled her into his arms and made seven years disappear by admitting, "I've always wanted a son."

The End