Your Reflection


pairing: Spike/Willow
rating: teen
warning: character death, but not in a bad way
summary: Spike waits for Willow to awaken.


Philadelphia, 2024

Spike was bored. Bored, bored, bored. He wandered around the hotel room, picking up this and that, looking through the Room Service Menu, flipping through the channels on the telly. Nothing good, nothing to hold his interest. Well, the chit on the cover of the menu looked tasty, but he didn't think this human hotel delivered fresh blood on tap. Pity that.

He wandered over to the mini-fridge and pulled out one of the plastic containers of pig's blood that he'd bought earlier. He poured himself a mug and heated it in the microwave. He looked at it with disgust as he drank it down, this was his fourth mug in as many hours and he was full past capacity.

He looked over to the bed, to where Willow lay dead.

What to do? What to do? He sighed and sat down on the firm yet still uncomfortable couch that was provided and drummed out an old Stevie Ray Vaughn tune on the coffee table.

Nope, still bored.

It never occurred to him to leave. Yes, it was nearing dawn but he could still wander around inside the hotel. But he wouldn't - couldn't leave her. She'd be waking soon and he wanted to be here for it. Plus, she'd need to feed and he'd promised her that she'd never have to drink from any living creature if she didn't want to. This had been her only complaint; she couldn't imagine herself chowing down on any living thing even after she was turned.

She'd said that he was the only one she ever wanted to feed from and the thought had more appeal that he'd admitted to, so he'd readily agreed. The thought of eternity spent in his Red's arms, feeding her, giving her body life - well it was one of those Penthouse Forum moments. If Penthouse published Forums for the undead.

He wandered once again, this time heading for his duster and the pack of Marlboro Reds he knew would be in the pocket. Could always count on his girl to keep him in smokes. She'd been doing it for twenty-five years now. That's how long he'd been lucky enough to have with her as a human. Now he'd have eternity with her as a vampire.

At forty-three, she was still beyond beautiful with fire red hair and only a few gray streaks that he loved with all of his undead heart and refused to let her dye them. He hadn't wanted to turn her yet, he'd wanted to wait, but she had decided on the date long ago.

On their tenth anniversary together, she'd told him that she had started looking for a black leather duster like his. On the day she found it, she told him, that was the day he'd turn her. He'd found three over the years and quickly and quietly bought and destroyed them. He wanted to keep her as she was for as long as he could.

Tonight - well, last night technically, the twenty-fifth anniversary of their first date, they'd been wandering South Street, browsing the shops - and laughing at the people - and there it was, hanging in the window of a vintage clothing shop. So they'd bought the coat and headed back to their hotel.

Her duster hung in the closet beside his and he smiled, thinking of her wearing a "Big Bad" coat. She'd be adorable.

He reached for his cigarettes, but pulled out an envelope instead. It was light purple and in Willow's neat, flowing script, his name was on it.

He sat down on the couch and after a glance to be sure she still hadn't risen, he opened it.


They say that vampires cast no reflection, but that's not precisely true. If you want to know what you look like, just cast your eyes my way, because when someone looks at me, what they see is you.

I used to be afraid - of myself, of my world, of being alone, of everything it seems. But you gave me the strength to see the truth and to face my fears, to fight when I can and surrender with dignity when I can't.

I used to be ugly and plain, or I thought so anyway. But your love - and your eyes - made me beautiful. Made me confident. Made me realize that there is so much more to beauty than what is published in magazines.

I used to be a geek, and I still am at times. But your interest in the things I am interested in made me appreciate them anew.

You make me fall in love again - every day - with the man who makes my life and the things that matter to me, his priority.

For twenty-five years, you've been by my side and I've been by yours. The time has come for me to join you in eternity and I won't miss a single thing about the daylight. And I have no worries about never again seeing my reflection, because you are mine, as I am yours.


His face turned and he looked into the newly-opened eyes of the one he would be with forever, and saw his reflection.

The End