pairing: pre- Spike/Dawn
rating: adult
time frame: summer after s5 BtVS
song is LFO - I Will Show You Mine - available below
word count: 345


He knew he shouldn't be here.

Night after night.

He dropped another cigarette to the ground and waited until her back was turned before he lit another. He got more comfortable on the branch when she stood and walked over to turn on the radio.

But she was his to protect.

His to look after.

Buffy had given her to him.

The watcher had no right to say the witches would be better guardians.

The static on the radio cleared and some girly bubble gum crap came on.

Tilt-a-Whirl, baby girl, slip and slide
We can swing it left cause I think you're fly

Her body started to move. Lithe and graceful and sultry and he was oh-so-not feeling like a guardian right now. He was starting to feel like a peeping tom but he couldn't make himself look away.

You got the curves, the sway
I can't look away
Girl, you got my pure devotion
With every move you make
I'm so hard I could break
Girl, you're poetry in motion

Her hands went to the top of her head and oh so slowly slid down her silky smooth hair. When her fingertips touched her lips, he couldn't have moved if a gang of Fyarls had suddenly appeared slinging mucus everywhere.

Her hips swayed back and forth and his jeans got too tight to breathe. Good thing he didn't have to.

Ooh baby, you know you're driving me crazy
But tonight I'm watching every dream I have come true
You say "I will show you mine, if you will show me yours"
And one by one, we're throwing all our clothing on the floor
You say, "Don't blow out the candles cause I want you to see"
And suddenly you're naked standing right in front of me

Baby, I see you

Palms down her chest and hugging the curves of breasts he hadn't really noticed were so prominent before. Oh, he'd noticed she had them – he was male after all. But he hadn't noticed they were quite so… edible.

And he was suddenly ravenous.

The End