pairing: Spike/Willow
rating: Adults Only
time frame: s4 BtVS, after Oz, before Tara


Part I: Shower Pr0n

The water felt wonderful. Hot and steamy and sliding down her body, easing all the aches and pains she'd acquired fighting those vampires. They'd all gotten beat up pretty badly before they'd killed the whole nest and all of them - Buffy, Giles, Xander and herself - took turns in Giles shower. She'd offered to wait until last - mostly so that she could take her time and enjoy the peace of a long, hot shower.

She'd waited - and this was her reward. As much time as she wanted to enjoy the way the water massaged her aching muscles.

Being the Slayer's best friend wasn't an easy job but she wouldn't trade it for Harvard or Oxford or any of those other schools she'd passed on to stay here in Sunnydale. Nothing was as important as this fight…

"Who's there?"

Someone had interrupted her reverie by slamming Giles bathroom door. She could feel a presence in the room with her but it didn't feel like any of her friends.

"Keep yer knickers on, Red. It's me." Spike's voice, with a definite edge to it, reached her ears. She was desperately aware that the only thing between her nude body and Spike was a thin shower curtain.

"Well, get out!" she yelled. "I'm in here - showering!" she added, lest he begin getting curious and decide to peek around the curtain. She was sure he had no desire to see her in the altogether.

"Can't," he explained. "Slayer's on the warpath again. Wants to stake yours truly because she's bored or somethin'. Doesn't need a reason. Gets a crawl up her arse and decides I'm not fit for livin'."

"Spike! Didn't you hear me?"

She heard the turn of the lock on the bathroom door.

Oh dear.


That hadn't come out nearly as forceful as she'd wanted it to, but there was no taking it back now. He'd heard the uncertainty in her voice.

"Look, Red, I'm not gonna -" His head peeked around the curtain and that was definitely not disgust she saw in his eyes.

She was suddenly aware of how very long it had been since she'd been with Oz.

A long time.

A very long time.


He couldn't be asking what she thought - hoped - he was asking. But as he pulled his t-shirt over his head, she realized that he wasn't even going to wait for her answer. Not that the blush that covered her body left any doubt as to what her answer would be.

But she couldn't - they couldn't.

They were in Giles bathroom for goodness sake! Her friends were just outside the door!

Why was that thought making her excited?

Probably because Spike had removed his shirt and was now kicking off his boots as his hands unzipped his jeans. She wished - kind of - that she could tear her eyes away from the sight, but her brain wasn't clicking on, leaving her eyes free to do as they wished.

They roamed over smooth, perfect skin. They widened at the sight of coarse dark hair peeking out where his jeans separated at the undone zipper.

"Red?" He paused and asked again.

She tried to speak but no words surfaced, so she nodded her head just once.

The smile that lit his face warmed the room.

When he was at last in the same naked state as she, he pulled the curtain back and stepped over the side of the tub.

He accidentally bumped her shoulder as he stepped into the tub and she couldn't help the wince of pain that escaped her.

"Sorry. What's wrong?" he asked, concern evident.

"Nest," she answered, knowing that one word would give all the information he needed about the soreness of her body. Soreness that she had miraculously forgotten all about from the moment Spike had stepped into the bathroom and locked the door.

"No wonder the Slayer's out for my hide," he commented as he turned Willow away from him, his hands going to the muscles of her neck and shoulders, massaging the soreness and tension away.


Oh yeah.

"Feels so-o-o good," she purred as his hands eased all the hurt away.

He slowly worked his way down her back until his hands were no longer removing the ache in her back, but were now lighting a fire in her tummy as they smoothed over the curve of her bottom.


"Like that, Red?"

"Mmmmm" she repeated, her brain still not capable of functioning well enough to form coherent words.

Hands moved again, gliding across her skin, around to the front and up her torso, oh so slowly, finding - at last - what they sought as they covered the heated flesh of her breasts. At first a slow massage before fingers spread and caught the hardened buds of her nipples between them and squeezed just enough to make her knees get weak.

"Like that, Red?"

She could hear the smirk in his voice but she didn't care.

Fingertips pulled and twisted - just a bit - just enough to make her want to scream - in all the good ways. But her friends were on the other side of the door - somewhere - and she didn't want to make any noise.

She leaned back into his chest, using him to hold her up, now that her knees were practically useless. One of her hands reached out and steadied herself on the wall.

Spike was smiling, she could feel it against her neck.

The feel of him, every inch of him, so strong and hard and decidedly male - decidedly Spike - was making weird things happen inside her. Oz had never elicited feelings like this. Feelings like if she didn't have him inside her - and soon - she just might go completely insane.

"Spike, please," she begged.

"You ready for me, luv?" he asked. He didn't wait for an answer but instead slid a hand down her body to glide over her clit before pushing one finger inside, feeling for her telltale wetness.

She was more than ready.

The hand on her breast moved to her back and gently pushed, making her lean forward until her hands steadied themselves on the side of the tub as he guided himself inside.

She'd never - Oz never even asked - this was so new and so very good. She didn't think - before this minute - that she would ever like being taken from behind. But the way Spike held her, the way he eased in and out, the way he was pulling every emotion out of her - this would be her new favourite position.

"Squeeze me," he said, making it both a question and a command.

"I don't know how," she answered, not wanting to disappoint him and feeling woefully inadequate.

"Just," his hand slid from her hip to just above the curls covering her heated flesh, "squeeze these muscles in here," he explained.

It took a minute - after all, her brain had stopped working quite a while ago - but eventually she got it and squeezed the muscles inside, dragging a very satisfied moan from Spike's direction. She couldn't help but be proud of herself - so she did it again.

"God, luv, gonna -"

Those hands again, one to her nipple and one to her clit, brought the most delicious sensations forth and she almost did scream as her body exploded into a million sparkling pieces. She felt him explode with her, felt him empty himself into her body and felt an amazing warmth spread through her.

As they came down, it occurred to her that she should be embarrassed. That she should be regretting what had just happened, but she couldn't make herself feel bad about it.

She couldn't make herself feel anything except an incredible peacefulness.

She just wondered how she was going to manage to talk Spike into taking this further without making a complete fool of herself.

"So, luv," he said as he drew himself from her and turned her around, pulling her into his embrace, "your place or mine?"

Part II: Stair and Rabbit Pr0n
Sequel to Shower Pr0n
Summary: Lisa wanted a sex toy so I'm using the stairs as a unique toy and adding a little bunny action for the hell of it. ;) Sorry about the lack of troll, Pet.

They made it back to her parents' house just in time. They were both breathing heavily and they couldn't keep their hands off each other. How they'd managed to get out of Giles' apartment with no one noticing was the miracle of the year. No one even questioned it when Spike offered to walk Willow home.

They'd made it as far as the carpeted steps, Willow rushing up ahead of Spike, before Spike lost his patience and pulled her down. Once again with her back to him, he pulled up her long skirt and ripped her panties off her body, he didn't even bother to undress - he just unzipped and pulled himself free and pushed inside.

"Missed you," he said by way of apology. Willow, shocked that she could elicit such passion from someone as experienced as Spike, didn't answer. She was too busy noticing that he'd positioned her so that her clit hit the edge of the stair every time he thrust back in. As if Spike's body and actions didn't thrill her enough, this added stimulation brought her almost immediately to climax.

Hers brought on his and they smiled shyly at each other as he lifted her and carried her up the stairs. She directed him to her room before asking if he'd mind if she took a shower - alone.

"I'm still kind of sore," she admitted and it was hard but he let her go.

Willow had forgotten one of Spike's most palpable characteristics: he got bored easily. His boredom as he waited for her to shower led him to take a quick shower himself in her parents' bathroom before he wandered around her room waiting for her to finish. He thought nothing of opening the closet and the drawers, examining every one of the possessions he found there.

It was in the second drawer of the bedside table that he found something to catch - and keep - his interest. He was curious at first, unsure about what exactly one did with this toy. Until he used his imagination and then he couldn't keep the smile from his face. His Red owned a naughty sex toy!

He hid it under a pillow, wanting to surprise her with his discovery.

When Willow walked back into the room, Spike could tell right away that she was nervous. He didn't give her time to be shy. He grabbed her and plopped her unceremoniously onto the bed.

"Missed you."

She blushed. "I missed you too."

He leaned in and kissed her. Soft and sure, he wanted her to realize that he wasn't going anywhere. He, like her, didn't fall in and out of love. Once he chose someone, he was there for the long haul. He wasn't in love - not yet - but he knew that she could be so easy to love if she would only let him love her. And that was the hard part. He had years of wrong to make up for before she'd let him in. He had to show her that he could be trusted with her friendship and with her heart.

"Look what I found," he told her, reaching under the pillow and pulling out the rabbit vibrator.

She blushed and tried to grab it away from him but he was too quick for her. She blushed a deep pink.

"No need to be shy, luv," he told her. "Want to see how sexy you look playing with it."

"You want me to… with you right here - in the room?"

"Now now, luv, no reason to be shy." He turned it on to a low setting and let the cool plastic run across her shoulders and down the center of her breasts. He slid it across her belly from hip to hip. Her blush of bashfulness was becoming a glow of lustful warmth.

He kissed her lips quickly before moving down her neck with tiny love bites. His mouth encircled her areola as the vibrator entered her and he knew by her gasp when the rabbit had hit its mark. Her body almost flew off the bed, she was so sensitive already.

He fucked her slowly with the toy, making sure to hit all those lovely spots within her that would make her scream.

"You can be loud now if you want to," he let her know. He wanted to hear her. He knew it was the fear of being found by her friends that had kept her quiet in the bathroom. "Let it out, luv."

She was too embarrassed to be loud.

Or, at least, she was until her orgasm hit her.

"Oh my goddess! Spike!"

He quickly removed the vibrator and replaced it with himself. He'd been about to scream just waiting for her to come and he needed release NOW. Two quick pumps and he was exploding inside her.

Willow, who had never - before today - had sex without a condom couldn't believe the difference of feeling her lover fill her. It was so intense and intimate.

Intimate. Who knew she'd ever feel such contentment being intimate with someone other than Oz. With Spike. She couldn't help but giggle.

He cocked an eyebrow and waited for her to explain.

"Just… who ever thought…"

"I did, luv. Thought about it a lot."

This sobered her.


"All the time. What do you think I did all that time in the tub?"


A kiss was her answer.

Part III: Blood Pr0n
Sequel to Stair and Toy Pr0n
Summary: femailofthespecies asked for a spell that required Spike's blood, so here it is.

Spike rattled the shackles that once again bound him to the watcher's bathtub. He'd thought they were done with this particular game, but no. Tonight when he came in, the slayer blindsided him and before he'd had a chance to fight back - not that he could of course - she'd had him shackled and was dragging him to the tub.

It probably didn't help that he'd been drinking, making this all Willow's fault. She'd cancelled their date for tonight citing a need to study, so what was he to do? Get drunk and then wander over and torment his favorite watcher, that's what.

It hadn't worked out that way of course. Instead of being the tormentor, he was the tormented.

He heard the slayer and her keeper whispering in the other room. After all this time fighting vampires, you'd think the bint would remember that they had enhanced hearing.

It seemed that another demon was terrorizing Sunnydale and they needed blood for the spell to send it home. Why didn't the bloody bitch donate some of her own? Further eavesdropping revealed that the blood had to be undead.


So that's why he'd been so rudely bound and shackled to his former prison.

His mind drifted to an image of Willow shackleded to the bed frame in her bedroom. It reminded him of the fantasies he'd had the first time he was stuck in this tub.

Willow screaming his name as she came under him.

Willow screaming his name as he fucked her against a crypt in the cemetery.

Willow screaming his name as he claimed her with his bite.

Willow screaming as he killed her in her dorm room, making her into his childe.

Seemed there was a theme here. Any image of Willow screaming had gotten him hard. His fantasies now, however, involved more moaning than screaming. The last week with Willow had made him more eager to make her happy than just making her come - or scream - although he'd done lots of that too.

It was a shame that he and Willow had decided to keep their relationship a secret because if they'd gone public with the news, the slayer would have known that all she had to do was ask and he'd have gladly given his blood to keep Willow safe.

Well, he would have made her grovel just a tiny bit.

At last he heard Willow's voice coming from the living room. They explained to her what was going on and he was relieved when she ran straight away to the bathroom and demanded that they unshackle him.

"He's not an animal, Buffy! Did you even think to just explain the situation to him what's going on and then ask him for his blood?"

"Well, no," Buffy confessed. "Why would he?"

"Because," Willow replied as she went back into the living room to retrieve the key to the shackles, "he lives here too you know. He has just as much reason for wanting to keep Sunnydale safe as you do."

Willow, with a small blush of embarrassment, came back into the bathroom and unlocked Spike from his porcelain prison.


"S'all right, luv. I'm used to it."

This statement made Willow glare at Buffy and Giles.

"Now ask him nicely, Buffy."

"I'm not going to - "

"Spike," broke in Giles, "would you care to give us a sample of your blood so that we can banish the fire-breathing demon back to its own dimension?"

Willow beamed.

"Thank you, Giles."

Spike deliberately looked at Giles and not Buffy as he replied, "Be happy to, old boy. Why didn't you ask sooner?"

Giles, not wanting to face the wrath of Buffy, withdrew to the living room. Buffy, unfortunately, was close behind.

This gave Willow a quick moment to give Spike a peck on the cheek and whisper a quick "Thank you."

"No problem, luv."

Spike and Willow followed the others into the other room and the question of extracting the blood came up. Spike assured them that he would have no problem with this and if they just gave him a vessel of some kind, he'd pop right back into the bathroom and get it for them. He didn't want Willow to have to watch him cut a gash in his wrist.

Buffy, of course, did not trust his word and seemed to think he'd play a trick of some kind, perhaps by substituting something else for his blood, making the spell worthless.

"Substitute what, you daft bint? What has the watcher got in his bathroom that's gonna pass for blood? His coconut scented shampoo perhaps?"

Giles offered to accompany him and soon Giles was back with the bowl of blood.

"Where's Spike?" Willow wanted to know.

"Still in the - in the lavatory. We need quite a bit for this spell and he's looking a little peeked. I promised to go to Willy's and get him some fresh to perk him up."

Willow grabbed the bowl and rushed Giles and Buffy out the door to get a new blood supply for Spike.

She placed the bowl in the refrigerator and ran to the bathroom to find Spike vamped out and sitting in a corner of the room.

"Get out!" he warned, fearful of what he might do to her in this ravenous state.

She took his hand and led him into the living room, sitting him on the couch. He looked horrible. White and drained and ready to pounce on the next living thing that came his way. If only he had his bite back…

Willow spoke soft nonsense words to him to keep him calm as she situated herself on his lap.

"Now Spike," she said in that same soft tone, "you know you'd never hurt me. We need to get some blood into you quick and I have an idea." She pulled her shirt over her head and pulled his face into her neck. "Drink me. I have enough for both of us."

He pulled away, aghast.

"I can't, luv. I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't," she said, thinking quickly. "If you don't want to bite me, then make love to me instead." She rose and unfastened his jeans, pulling his perpetually hard cock - at least around her - free and then lifted her skirt and pulled off her underwear.

As she re-sat herself in his lap, she heard a hiss of pleasure. She rocked herself slowly at first, building him up to that place where they lost all control. It took a while for Spike, after all he wasn't running on all cylinders at the moment. But soft caresses and friction did what Willow knew it would and soon they were on the verge of orgasm.

Willow brought his mouth to her breast.

"Bite me, please!"

Giving in to her will was easy with his depleted blood supply and he growled as he sank his teeth deep into her. He pulled her closer with strong arms and drank enough to stave off the hunger.

He was concerned that he might be hurting her but the lack of pain in his skull answered that question. And the convulsions he felt from her as her climax ripped through her was another indication that she wasn't suffering any pain.

He continued to sip and lick the bite until they'd both come down from the high that their joining had caused.

He wanted to stay here forever but he knew the others would be returning any minute.

They adjusted their clothing and Willow put her shirt back on as Spike made his way back to the bathroom. What the others didn't know wouldn't get him staked, so he wanted to be in the same place as he was when they left.

Willow had just reached the bathroom door when Buffy and Giles returned. Giles came immediately to the bathroom with the bags of blood for Spike and helped the supposedly famished vampire drink and renew his blood supply.

It was as they were making their way to the living room that Buffy noticed something amiss.

"Willow, why is your shirt on inside out?"

The End