Lessons In Control




Author: purplefeen

Pairing: Spike/Willow, with Angel and Tara mixed in

Rating: Mature Adults Only

Summary: Willow wants Spike to teach her to be a submissive, but it isn't like she thought it was going to be.

Stats: complete | 16 chapters

Timeframe: begins during an alternate s5 of BtVS

Warnings: bdsm, three or moresomes

Genres: romance, bdsm, fetish

Author's Note: Please see the About page for more information

Special Thanks to Tam and wic for suggesting the premise and to Em and Jenni for the awesome comments!

Soundtrack: This fic mentions or excerpts the following songs which are on the soundtrack
Gett Off by Prince
Your Body is A Wonderland by John Mayer
I'm Your Baby Tonight by Whitney Houston
Smooth by Santana and Rob Thomas
Cherry Cherry by Neil Diamond
Dangerous by Ghost of the Robot
Breathe by Faith Hill
Real Man by Bonnie Raitt
You Got It by Bonnie Raitt
Game of Love by Santana and Michelle Branch
Don't Want to Miss A Thing by Aerosmith
Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band
The Most Beautiful Girl in the World by Prince
Crazy for You by Madonna
Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard
Someone Like You by Van Morrison
None of Your Business by Salt N Pepa
Galileo by The Indigo Girls

Series Started/Completed: June 2004 - February 2007

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Winner of : Best Multiple Partner Fic from The Dancing Witch Awards
Best Unconventional Series from Shades of Grey Awards
Best PWP from Shades of Grey Awards
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Book 1: Lessons in Control: Available to download as [PDF] or [docx]

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